Digital Solutions

Transform your business with point-of-sale digital tools that make the sales process fast and easy.

    Close more business faster and smarter

    Drive higher sales volume and customer loyalty with innovative digital tools. Make financing a convenient, fast and easy experience for your customers. Partner with DLL, and enhance your sales process with secure cutting-edge mobile apps, online pricing tools, electronic signature, and more.

    Strengthen your business value

    Meet customer demands in a fast-paced digital world

    Offer the convenience that drives customer loyalty

    Accelerate your end-to-end sales process

    Differentiate your business through innovation

    Stand out with the credibility digital innovation can bring. Give your customers the outstanding experience they want, and watch their loyalty grow. Our digital tools make every stage of the sales process easier, better and faster with innovative technologies and self-service capabilities.*

    • Mobile apps
    • Pricing tools
    • Electronic documents
    • Electronic signature
    • API/system integrations
    • Self-service portals

    *Digital tools vary by region. Contact your DLL representative for more information.

    "Make the experience convenient, and customers won't want to leave you. Convenience is the new loyalty."
    Bart Weerkamp, DLL Digital Transformation Leader, Europe

    Gain the competitive advantages

      For your business
    • Increase sales productivity
    • Do business anytime, anywhere
    • Create more business value and income opportunities
    • Give the convenience that drives customer loyalty
    • Enjoy seamless and secure system integrations
    • Pick the options that fit your business

      For your customers
    • Offer a digital process that makes financing simple
    • Provide multiple financing options quickly
    • Deliver quick credit approvals
    • Get fast e-signature capabilities
    • Meet demands for greater customer experiences
    • Enjoy an anywhere-anytime solution
    • Access documents electronically

    Digital success story

    A business was seeking the ability to compare financing options, check credit scores and order status, and create and send documents anytime and anywhere.

    "Customer experience is the new currency, and more and more, those experiences are created with the right people and technology."
    Scott Phelps, DLL Digital Transformation Leader, USA

    See what innovation brings

    Feel confident with a global finance leader

    With 50 years of experience, DLL understands the unique needs of our partners around the world—and offers proven solutions to help businesses thrive.