Tech Solutions

Connecting our future

    Adding value through flexible payment solutions

    From mobile devices and cloud subscriptions to multi-functional printers and smartboards, our Tech Solutions Group delivers customized and flexible payment solutions for manufacturers, channel partners and their customers.

    Office technology facts

    • 600,000 machines
      Makes DLL the document imaging & printing industry’s #1 non-manufacturer owned end-user finance source.
    • 20,000 unique client systems
      The strength and scale of our office technology makes us market leader among independent financial service companies.
    • Look, no paper!
      In the US alone, we’ve introduced over 15,000 customers to paperless invoicing. And that’s quite a few trees.

    Understanding the heart and soul of your business

    Connecting the world

    Future economic growth depends on fast, efficient communication and collaboration amongst large populations. Our OT financing programs combined with our partners’ IT solutions connect the world and set the stage for a better future.

    Digital data

    Yesterday’s document printing industry is today’s document imaging and workflow industry. With networked, multi-functional digital devices transforming traditional office equipment companies into IT solutions businesses focused on efficient communication of ideas previously sent via the printed page.


    Manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to enter the broader IT solutions and services market.

    Our solutions

    Commercial finance

    An array of commercial finance solutions that add value across your distribution channel.

    Managed equipment services

    Convergence contract where the provider manages and maintains all hardcopy imaging equipment.

    Operating leases

    Lease structures offering flexible end-of-term options to purchase, trade-up, return equipment or continue to finance.

    Stock financing

    As a dealer, our Stock Finance gives you that competitive edge. With more ready-for-sale stock, faster delivery to your customer, maximized cashflow and greater financial flexibility.

    Asset management

    Creating value through an asset’s entire life cycle to help vendor partners meet sales and growth objectives.