Responsible business operations

    DLL upholds high internal and external standards of ethical behavior. We promote energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, reduction of our carbon footprint, and contributing to the preservation and sustainability of natural resources.

    Responsible business operations is the green pillar of sustainability

    Ethics and regulations

    We achieve high ethical standards in our business activities and behavior. We carry out systematic inventories of relevant legislation and regulations. And we monitor developments in the field of reputable business practices.

    DLL is committed to Corporate Sustainability. DLL provides financial solutions to partners in conformity with the principles of its Global Code of Conduct.

    Consequently DLL aims to create long-term value for people inside and outside its own organization, the environment and the economy through its business operations.

    This commitment to sustainability is something DLL also expects from every business relation, such as vendors, suppliers, dealers and end users with which DLL enters into a business. DLL expects business partners to comply with the Sustainability Statement.

    Ethics facts

    • Global Code of Conduct
      Sustainable behavior is covered in our ‘code of conduct’ to embed sustainability in our daily activities.
    • Top-of-mind
      We review our sustainability ambitions, procedures and performance, reporting each quarter to the Executive Board. Ensuring sustainability remains top-of-mind at the very highest levels of the company.
    • Worldwide integrity
      We have robust supervision and management systems to ensure we safeguard our integrity worldwide.

    Environmental footprint

    We are committed to reduce our environmental footprint, and measure our impact on the environment and climate change. We have set ourselves ambitious reduction targets on our direct and indirect carbon emissions. These we aim to meet through a combination of resource optimization, changes in behavior and technological innovation. This includes the purchasing of sustainable goods and services and implementing New way of working resulting in enhanced flexibility in employee mobility, reduced office space and energy usage.

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    CO2 facts

    • 31 % reduction
      We would like to share with you the great result of 31% reduction in our global CO2 emissions per FTE compared to 2009, exceeding our target of 20% by 2014.
    • Total CO2 emission
      The total DLL CO2 emission in 2013 is 17,120,058 kg, that is 3,086 kg per FTE.
    • New target
      The new target will be a further 10% reduction per FTE by 2020 compared with the year 2013, in line with the Rabobank Group ambitions.

    Green offices

    Contributing to our CO2 target, several DLL offices are situated in a sustainable location. Our refurbished global headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands was awarded BREEAM certification, the world's leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings. Our US office in Wayne, Pennsylvania was awarded LEED certification. LEED is a set of voluntary performance standards designed to maximize a building’s operational efficiency and minimize its environmental impact. Next to DLLs offices in Eindhoven and Wayne, also the offices in Germany, France and Belgium have sustainable buildings covering more than 50% of all FTE.

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