Commercial Finance

From the manufacturing plant to the showroom floor and equipment lot, leverage financial solutions to meet your business goals.

    Gain the commercial finance advantage

    Commercial finance is built by a suite of solutions that support and differentiate manufacturers and their distribution partners from the competition.

    Flexible, Fast, Custom

    Develop fast to market solutions with hands on industry-specific financing experts to address your business’s unique needs, challenges and goals.

    End-to-End Solution

    Provide a comprehensive package of financial services that address the entire supply chain, from manufacturer to end-user.

    Growth Accelerator

    Improve your cash flow and focus on growth initiatives by implementing efficient and effective financing solutions to close more deals.

    Commercial Finance: A line of credit, extended payment term or loan offered by DLL, secured by business assets and used to improve a dealer or distributor’s ability to fill their equipment showroom, stock inventory, or move product throughout the channel without tying up balance sheets or credit lines.

    Inventory Finance

    Gain an instant competitive advantage by carrying more product on hand and offering faster delivery times. Increase your ready-for-sale inventory, optimize your cash flow and enjoy financial flexibility with Inventory Finance, also known as Floor Planning.


    - Pay as Sold (PAS)

    - Scheduled Payment Programs (SPP)

    DLL Inventory Finance

    Asset-Based Lending

    Increase your dealership’s cash flow with a comprehensive working capital line of credit. The self-liquidating line of credit is formula driven, provided as a value-add service. Existing partners can borrow up to 85% on eligible Accounts Receivables (A/R), 100% on Floor Planned Inventory or 50% against Used Equipment. The loan is "self-liquidated" by the collection of all the customer’s A/R into a Lock Box.


    - Accounts Receivable Financing (A|R)

    Purchase Order Program

    Improve your dealership’s ability to bid on and win large deals by utilizing the financial strength of the end-user as collateral. Receive an inventory finance credit line from DLL with a contractual direct pay arrangement from the end-user.

    DLL Purchase Order Program

    Incorporate commercial finance into your sales cycle

    From inventory financing and receivable financing, to purchase order programs and asset-based lending, Commercial Finance compliments DLL’s suite of solutions to support the entire sales cycle and supply chain for vendor partners.

    Commercial finance in the sales cycle

    Success story

    “By combining our respective product and market insights, we enable Syngenta’s dealers to purchase more inventory, putting them in a better position to grow sales.” - Roger Bryan, Senior New Business Development Commercial Finance at DLL

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    How commercial finance builds businesses

    Vendor benefit highlights:

    Shorten DSO

    Increase purchase power

    Transfer risk

    Consolidate accounts receivable

    Dealer benefit highlights:

    Increase purchase power Ease of borrowing Improve cash flow Low cost financing

    Leverage a comprehensive vendor financing suite for manufacturers and dealers

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