Societal impact

Maximizing societal relevance, by offering our expertise, volunteers and donations


    In emerging countries, we professionalize local businesses and organizations and help to improve access to local financial infrastructures and (leasing) services to achieve business success. In doing so we improve society’s self-sufficiency, and community vitality. The exploration of micro/meso leasing in new markets through Rabobank related financial institutions and/or through DLL vendor model also supports our partners’ global expansion strategies.

    Recipe for success

    Read more about favourable conditions for micro-leasing in Rwanda in our whitepaper.

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    Farming cooperative

    Waterpump lease

    Now we can provide for our families, even in the dry season.


    Tailor helped by DLL

    I learned sewing from my brother. Now I have my own business and 13 employees.


    Cassava salesman

    I want to grow my business with a new lease contract for a bigger machine.

    Micro-leasing facts

    • Partners
      Rabobank Foundation and 8 African savings and credit cooperatives/ MFIs
    • Microleasing 350k
      Microleasing 350k
    • Rwanda and Kenya
      Rwanda, Kenya and expansion to multiple countries in years to come

    Employee volunteering

    Our members may do 2 days volunteer work per year during work hours. DLL focuses on current local social issues in the industries we work in, and all locations we operate. These issues include environmental protection and food supply, economic vitality and entrepreneurship, ensuring quality in healthcare and care for people, and youth empowerment and financial literacy, in line with our industry focuses. A strong sustainability program and inspiring community volunteering program featuring active member engagement improves our ability to attract, retain and develop our talent, and have a meaningful contribution to society at the same time.

    André Carioba

    Senior Vice President and General Manager for AGCO South America

    Engagement on social programs brings our two companies and the day-by-day business closer together.

    Ilse Wijnen-van Aarle

    Internal communication

    The combination of cooking together as a team building activity and the special environment in which this took place and where I would normally never come, was a great success.

    Jin Lee


    This is my 2nd participation to this service further to 2011, and I found this very fruitful and indeed worth a day outside of office.

    Luiz Carlos Marcelino

    Student from poor neighborhood

    I am anxious to know the mechanical area! I never had a chance to follow such courses. I am very happy to have this opportunity.

    Community Involvement

    An inspiring community volunteering program improves our ability develop our talent, and have a meaningful contribution to society at the same time. Watch this video and be inspired.

    Volunteering facts

    • 2 days of volunteering
      Each member has 2 days of company time to volunteer for good causes
    • 1389 unique members
      Total amount of volunteers in 2014: 1389 unique members
    • 12.259 hours
      Total amount of volunteer hours in 2014: 12.259 hours

    Impact investment

    We invest part of our annual profit and expertise in impact investments and not-for-profit initiatives to strengthening community vitality.

    China Community Involvement activity

    Supporting with volunteer services

    ''I want to thank you and DLL again for supporting ACHIEVEability with volunteer services over the past few years. Your company’s “sweat equity” has truly paid off, helping to offset expenses that are necessary in the renovation of our properties for the families in our program. Your support has made a tremendous difference, helping more than 160 parents who worked rigorously to earn college degrees, build skills for independent living, obtain sustainable careers and even become homeowners. By working together, we can make a difference and help change the course of life for many more families.'' Brian L. Hoskins, Events Manager/Development Specialist, ACHIEVEability

    Impact investment facts

    • Donations
      Donations are more than 500.000
    • Sponsoring amount
      Sponsoring amount: more than 1,5 million
    • Microleasing
      5 micro finance institutions supported

    Liezelotte Rijk


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