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    Two dilemmas that business owners constantly face, are whether to invest in new - or pre-owned assets and whether to invest in ownership or to rent the assets instead. In response to these dilemmas, DLL has developed the vision Life Cycle Asset Management, which we have further formulated in a series of publications.

    Publications to download

    Enhancing service contracts to minimize dispute risk
    Manufacturers, dealers and resellers are increasingly ‘servitizing’ their business model, thereby moving from selling a product to offering a service. This whitepaper clarifies which contract elements could and should be addressed to help you reduce the risk of any disputes arising with your customers.


    Servitized business models: organizing for success
    DLL developed a whitepaper about the implementation of servitized business models. Next to an innovation process, servitization is also a transformation journey. To be successful, companies need to develop the required capabilities to deliver services and solutions that can supplement their traditional product offering.


    Life Cycle Asset Management team

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