Clean technology

Partnering for a better future in clean technology

    Adding value

    Financing projects that promote energy efficiency, alternative energy use, smaller carbon footprints and the sustainability of our natural resources. Including specialist solutions for products, services and processes that improve profit or performance while reducing costs, energy use, waste, or pollution.


    Clean technology facts

    • Positive environmental effect
      In 1 year the clean technology equipment we finance has the same positive environmental impact as planting 700,000 tree samplings over 10 years.
    • Renewable sources
      We continue to grow in the financing of new technologies for energy efficiency, water filtration and other renewable sources.
    • Reduction in CO2 emissions
      The clean technology equipment we financed in 2013 achieved the same reduction in CO2 emissions as 90 km2 of pine forest.

    Understanding the heart and soul of your business

    Removing upfront cost barriers

    Savings from renewable energy investments are only realized over time. DLL solutions help close that circle.

    Brighter future

    Lighting represents a substantial portion of commercial building costs, a lighting retrofit offers companies an opportunity to save money.

    Energy efficiency

    Government incentive programs are driving increases in the market for energy-efficient equipment (HVAC, pumps, VRF, etc.)

    Our solutions

    Capital leases

    Facilitating equipment ownership at the term’s end.

    Customized solutions

    Structures and terms geared to your unique renewable and energy efficient technology business needs.

    Managed equipment services

    Customized solutions that allow bundled financing (equipment, installation, service, etc.)

    Operating leases

    Flexible end-of-term options to purchase, trade-up or return equipment, or continue to finance.

    Progress payments

    Financing for milestone payments for a project-based solution that can be installed over time. Progress payments can be included in the financing of the overall solution.

    Structured finance

    Take advantage of the financial benefits of structured payments and other specialized financing options, covering: usage and transaction-specific requirements.

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