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    We offer financing solutions for food processing and packaging companies including loans, leases, progress payments and solutions for extended service contracts.

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    Our solutions

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    Vendor finance

    We offer asset-based financing programs to equipment manufacturers, dealers, and distributors. And our in-depth market knowledge and industry expertise means we can provide financing options customized to your goals, processes, and distribution channels.

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    Commercial finance

    Inventory finance facilities dedicated to specific manufacturers and not provided on a first-come, first-served basis. You can also sponsor floor plan programs to ensure equipment availability and to level your production capacity.

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    Retail finance

    Customized payment schedule programs to match your customer's cashflow and financial merchandising programs that drive repeat sales.

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    Asset management

    Creating value through an asset’s entire life cycle to help vendor partners meet sales and growth objectives.

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    Asset risk solutions

    DLL works with partners to provide insurance and asset protection solutions to thousands of lessees every year. Extra protection in case it is needed.

    Are you our..

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    We’re proud to support various manufacturers in the agriculture industry, and we invite you to talk to your local dealer about finance options from DLL.

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    With help from DLL’s comprehensive finance options, you can add a versatile list of services to your dealership – services that will meet more customers’ needs and make more sales possible.

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    We have unique insight into what buyers are looking for during the purchase process, thanks to over 50 years in the business.

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    Agriculture facts

    • 50,000 tractors
      We've financed over 50,000 tractors globally. That's more acres plowed and more seeds sown.
    • The rural population continues to diminish
      That's why we support the financing of the agricultural equipment farmers need to be more efficient. We finance advanced precision farming solutions and traditional implements too.
    • We finance thousands of dealers
      We support the sale of equipment by making it readily available at thousands of dealer locations.

    Understanding the heart and soul of your business

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    Resource scarcity

    The growing world population means current consumption patterns will be impossible without better use of resources and more sustainable solutions.

    Population growth

    By 2050, the world population will reach some 9 billion (2 billion more than now). So food production needs to increase at an ever stronger pace.

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    Seasonal payments

    We understand the seasonal nature of your business, offering flexible repayment structures geared to your cashflow needs.

    We've changed to serve you better

    Agricredit, which has been a part of the DLL family since its inception has grown greatly over the last several years. Agricredit has expanded its scope and are now proudly financing golf and turf equipment, as well as food packaging and processing equipment. To better reflect our expanded scope, we will rebrand to DLL. As we transition, we will maintain our strong business relationships and will align our brand with the rest of the organization. Our brand reflects our role in today’s economy, our commitment to partnership, and seeing what really counts for your business.

    Sales support

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