Complement new equipment sales with pre-owned assets

    From ownership to usage

    The circular economy model is aimed at keeping raw materials in use via closed loops. Offering product life cycles via re usage, remanufacturing, refurbishment or recycling enhance the circular economy. This model works best when the goods are provided as a service to be used rather than an asset to be owned. This enables manufacturers to maintain better control over their materials and assets throughout the technical production cycle and creates valuable services around the product. This can become an increasingly important profit centre for manufacturers.

    Second life financing facts

    • Financing refurbished product lines
      DLL amended existing program agreements to allow financing of refurbished product lines.
    • Promoting pre-owned equipment
      In cooperation with our partners, DLL created promotion materials for pre-owned equipment.
    • Focus on our assets’ economic lives
      Our lifecycle asset management capabilities in agriculture allow us to focus on our assets’ economic lives as much as their age, a true DLL innovative concept.

    Financing solutions for new and pre-owned assets

    DLL provides tailored financial solutions that fit the circular economy, like operational lease, extended usage, redeployment and second life financing.

    DLL’s second life financing programs provide the same financial services for refurbished or remanufactured assets as we do for new equipment. Thereby enabling our vendor partners to segment and facilitate their different customers in a better way.

    When assets come back from previous owners, they can be resold as-is, refurbished, remanufactured or recycled. A second life customer may require different solutions than customers acquiring new assets. DLL is there in all cases to provide lease solutions that count.

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    DLL executed a study among large industrial customers on the common belief that businesses developing and selling second life assets, put sales of their new products at risk. DLL rejects this belief and concludes that remanufactured second life assets may even enhance financial performance.

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